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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

Questions 1 - 3 are general questions about AMSOIL.

AMSOIL synthetic oil has been specially formulated to form pure lubricants without contaminant to ensure optimal efficiency without build up. Regular oil are derived from pure oil and as a result contain contaminants that cannot be removed during refining that can build up in the engine and impede performance.

As with other oils, AMSOIL recommends changing AMSOIL filter with every oil change. In addition, in older vehicles with higher mileage, AMSOIL recommends utilizing the AMSOIL Engine and Transmission Flush first to ensure the engine is cleansed of previous contaminants.

Immediately. There is no ‘break-in’ period required for petroleum oil, in fact many vehicles are factory-filled with synthetic oil.

Questions 4 - 12 cover questions for existing customers.

AMSOIL’s website needs you to you need to identify a local dealer for the registration and purchase of your products. Our dealer number is 5292220. In addition, by becoming a preferred customer with a dealer, you can enjoy the benefits of wholesale cost.

Generally speaking, the more the engine is utilized, the more oil the engine consumes. Typically, one quart of oil within 3000 miles is considered normal consumption.

Yes, there is a limited warranty on all AMSOIL lubricants and filters.

Top quality products usually cost more than lesser quality products.

AMSOIL synthetic motor oil can provide better performance and longer equipment life compared to conventional oil.

AMSOIL products were first available in 1972.

No. Federal law (The Magnuson-Moss Act 1975), prevents manufacturers from requiring particular products or services for warranty purposes unless they provide those products or services.

They might.

No everything you need is already in the oil.

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